How much does a signature font cost?
The cost of a signature font is $9.95.

How do I order a signature font?
To order a signature font please click here.

What type of pen should I use?
We strongly suggest you use a black felt tipped pen.

How do I send in my order?
We suggest you scan the image and attach it to an e-mail. You can also fax your order form. This is not recommended due to loss of quality when faxing. You can also post your order. If you would like to fax or post your order please contact us.

How will I receive my completed signature font?
Once your font is completed, we will send it attached to an e-mail.

How can I embed my font in a Windows Word document?
For instructions on embedding your font into a Windows Word document, please click here.

Are signature fonts secure?
Yes signature fonts are secure. We can create your signature font so that when it is embedded into a document, the person receiving that document cannot alter the document, or have access to your signature.

What programs can I use my signature font in?
Signature fonts are compatible with all version of Windows, Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, and NT and will work with any Windows based text or graphics program which allows you access to the font menu such as MS Word, MS Works, MS Word Pad, WinFax Pro, WordPerfect and many more.

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